State of the Art

Deep SEM Experience + High Performance Code = LEXO

At the core of Lexo's products is an engine that was 8 years in the making. Over that time span, Lexo leadership managed more than $50mm in SEM buys for various clients using a homegrown suite of tools. Those tools - which range from optimization algorithms to A/B testing apps to traffic management platforms - form the core of Lexo's technology offering.

Each system that we've built over the years has been for the purpose of addressing a particular problem; For example, what sort of tools would we need to most efficiently test landing pages? With the founding of Lexo in 2012 and the subsequent effort to integrate all these systems under a single interface, we have created a nexus between advertisers, publishers and Yahoo syndication partners that simply hasn't existed until now.

In addition to robust proprietary antifraud technology, Lexo uses industry standard Fraudlogix to augment its offering. For more information about how our technology is made available to our clients, please see our Products Page.


On Publisher Page

2. USER CLickS

On SEM Placement

3. LEXO Software

Tracks Click Statistics

4. Redirect User

To Advertisement Page

5. USER Selects

An Advertiser's Link

6. Process Click

And Record Statistics

7. Feed Provider

Redirects The Request

8. USER Arrives

On Advertiser's Page