Meet Lexo

Our Mission, Our Team, Our Passion

What We do

Lexo is a rapidly growing online marketing company intent on pushing the frontiers of online display advertising and analytics. Founded in 2012, our focus is providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) marketers with platforms and tools that are simple to use, increase revenues dramatically and protect against poor quality or fraudulent traffic.

Our products are especially adept at allowing SEM marketers to monetize their sites using paid traffic. We have deep experience in SEM, conversions and the use of broad analytics to achieve conversions, and work with partners to help them maximize their implementations. We provide:

  • Simple tools to implement ad placements on partner sites

  • Extensive creative library and top notch design talent

  • Robust validation and quality management systems

  • Deep analytics for optimization

  • Best practices data and consulting for paid advertising campaigns

We are passionate about what we do and will work tirelessly to help partners reach their full SEM potential.

Who We Are

Lexo's founding team includes experts in a wide range of fields, from computer science to advertising to functional design.